Fırat Teknik Hırdavat has established in 1992 by two entrepreneurs named Cengiz Çakır and İsmail Özmen.


At the begining of the company has started as marketing and sales profile where has located in Eminönü, İstanbul.


In 1997 it has named Fırat Teknik Hırdavat Machine Chemical  Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

We have stared to importation in 1998 to present high technology, wide product range and best service quality to our customer.

In that case, in 2007 we have moved to Ümraniye and at the same time we have registered our professional brads as like, MERCURE, FRT, LUXOR, FALCON and FANGDA. All we wanted to increase our service quality with this uniq brands.

Today weare 17 people on this company that started with just 2 people, so far.

As we are Fırat Teknik Hırdavat we never give up to sell high quality to our customer and will so on.

One of our view point also depends on to win-win co-operations. We are groving up with giving real customer saticfaction and it does make us stronger and give  us high reputation in front of our competitors on the market.

As we are Fırat Teknik family, we will be placed always on the quality and high technology side.

We provide warranty that you bought any product from us.

Your feedback is our ambition and happiness.

We are hand to hand with our professional members and will keep going for the future.


As it always has been and today, there are many reason to choose us...


Your Sincerly.